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instructor course


The WDA Instructor course is planned in 3 modules. The first one consists in standards and procedures, theory and practice lesson of introductory courses, basic course and 1 star course. In the end the Instructor Trainer makes a preliminary check about water exercises and theory lessons. After positive evaluation the candidate is admitted to the final exam. If this is passed then the candidate is qualified OWD Instructor and can release certificates of the courses studied in this module and apply to be qualified for basic level specialities.
The second module consists in the study of Advanced OWD, 2 Stars and Deep Diver courses. The qualification obtained is Advanced Instructor, that allows to teach the courses studied in this module and apply for all WDA specialities.
In the third module the Instructor Trainer will explain how to teach the courses Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Assistant Instructor; the qualification obtained is Scuba Instructor, that allows to teach all WDA student courses.
Admission prerequsites
Divemaster certificate at least since 6 months of RSTC agency, or Assistant Instructor also less than 6 months, with a current Dive Medic & Oxygen Provider certification (or equivalent). At least 100 dives logged with 80 hours of scuba experience. A Divemaster or Assistant Instructor certified by a no RSTC agency or training organizations recognised by WDA must pass an admission tests, then he will get the WDA Assistant Instructor certificate and will be admitted in the instructor course.

Instructor crossover


Instructors in active status with training agencies recognised by WDA can participate in an IOC (Instructor Orientation Course), in which an Instructor Trainer will train candidates to teach the WDA student courses.
Crossover modules and qualify obtained on the end of each module are similar to the instructor course. Each module require one day of work.
The crossover is not based on theory knowledge acquiring, but on teaching methods. Candidates are already instructors, so what they need is to acquire the WDA teaching method, not to study again theory of scuba diving. The theory lessons of the crossover can be developed using the e-teaching system.
Competences and skills are assessed by the Instructor Trainer through the "continuous evaluation" during the course.

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