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You can not move from home to participate in a diving course? There is not an instructor in your area, or you have to travel many kilometers to reach it? Do you prefer to learn by private lesson, in times acceptable to you?
No problem, with us you can attend classroom sessions as and when you want, you will move only to participate in the practical lessons in the water!
Infact thanks to our e-teaching 2.0 you will attend in the theory lessons via internet, you will study on digital books on-line and off-line, then you will take the written exam from anywhere in the world.
Our system is different from others, it is not an e-learning, but always puts the instructor at the center of teaching. With the use of video conferencing and on-line training materials (for example the slides), you will have an instructor still available, who will hold the lessons and will answers to your questions, as in a classroom.
Then you will meet with him, or with another WDA instructor, where you want and when you want, to perform the training in the water, necessary to complete the course.
If you are interested in a WDA course, contact your regional office for further information.

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